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How to legalize squatter construction for a wedding salon.

If the wedding business is what you want to do and you have a passion for it, then we will tell you where everyone starts – with choosing and arranging a room for the salon.

Legitimizing marriage is the most important step that a guy and a girl decide to take, so preparation for the wedding plays a huge role in their lives. A wedding salon is a place where a happy bride comes with her mother and friends to choose just that one dress. Therefore, the appearance and interior of the cabin must be at the highest level in order for the choice to settle on it.


The choice of premises must be taken very seriously. This could be either a self-built building in the city center or a rented space in a shopping center. If you bought the land and started building the premises yourself, then it is important to legalize the unauthorized construction and use the services of these specialists. Self-construction has an advantage over rented premises in that not every landlord will agree to make fundamental changes. At a minimum, you will need:

  • equip the podium and fitting rooms,
  • drill holes in the walls to install lighting (and you will need a lot of it).

It is advisable that the room have large windows that simultaneously serve as showcases. The area of a self-built or rented space should be from 50 to 200 square meters, depending on the scope of the salon and the budget.

How to legitimize self-construction?

Legal issues are resolved first; consulting companies will help you legalize your rights to own a salon. If you bought land for construction, you need to legalize the rights to it so that the tax authorities do not have any claims. After this, proceed directly to the construction of the premises, sign all the necessary contracts with the construction company, it is advisable to legalize them with a notary, so that at the last moment there are no inconsistencies and shortages of materials. It is important for you to meet the deadline and open the salon when you planned.

Why is it important to legalize self-construction upon completion of construction? You have to spend a lot of effort to decorate the salon, and you need to do this with confidence that nothing will interfere. When you own the premises legally, questions will no longer arise for you.

Where to start arranging the premises?

It is advisable to entrust the arrangement of the interior to a designer. He will professionally select colors and interior items. Even the smallest details are important. It is advisable to make the room light and spacious. To equip fitting rooms, it is better to separate part of the salon with curtains or sliding partitions. Place many mirrors and reflective surfaces in the room.

Try to display as many dress models as possible on mannequins. Dresses on hangers are much more difficult to sell. It is important to position the mannequins so that the dresses are visible to the client and can immediately interest him

Particular attention should be paid to lighting. In daylight, dresses do not look so rich. Use special LED lamps and spotlights with a motion sensor; they focus the client’s attention on the details. Comfortable furniture for visitors is important; the bride does not come to choose a dress alone, but her companions should feel comfortable and have a good time

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