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How to obtain a real estate appraiser certificate.

The legal company “Elionorum” provides legal and consulting services for business entities in the field of licensing construction activities and, in particular, the registration and guaranteed receipt of a real estate appraiser certificate throughout Ukraine.

Certification conditions.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, activities related to the valuation of real estate, securities and property rights must be carried out by professionals and in the presence of a qualification certificate of the appraiser.

A real estate appraisal certificate indicates the right of the subject of appraisal activity to carry out professional activities, and also confirms the qualified level of training of a specialist.

Individuals and legal entities that are registered in accordance with the procedure established by the state have the right to engage in appraisal activities in Ukraine.

Stages of obtaining an appraiser certificate.

In order for a specialist to receive a real estate appraisal certificate, he must first undergo qualified training, confirm his knowledge in an exam, and only then apply for the document.

To be more specific, the certification procedure for a real estate appraiser is as follows:

  1. Profile preparation and submission of necessary documents;
  2. Training within ten working days;
  3. Obtaining a qualification certificate after the exam;
  4. Obtaining a certificate of the subject of assessment.

Services of the company “Elionorum”.

If you need to obtain an appraiser certificate, call Elionorum. Our specialists will take care of the paperwork, help you prepare for the exam, and advise you fully on the certification process.

Our service package includes:

  • Competent consultation in the chosen area;
  • Preparation and submission of papers for registration for training;
  • Assistance during studies (if necessary);
  • Successfully passing the exam and receiving a qualification certificate;
  • Receiving and sending a certificate (if necessary).
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