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Judicial protection of foreigners in Ukraine

The possibility of judicial protection of one’s interests is one of the fundamental rights of a person and a citizen. Everyone has the right to defend their position in courts, and this is officially enshrined in such reputable international documents as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. In addition, in jurisprudence there is such an important concept as self-defense of law – personal defense of one’s innocence in court. All activities to protect human rights and freedoms from violations or encroachments are based and supported precisely by the possibility of protecting one’s interests during the consideration of each specific case by an honest and impartial court. It is on strict adherence to all these declared principles that the entire justice system should be based. Indeed, in cases where human rights are violated and there is no possibility of their restoration and protection, it is difficult to call this legal system truly democratic.

However, if you simulate a situation in which a foreigner has to defend his interests in court, you can see what difficulties he will have to face. Firstly, a person may not know the state language, and our legal proceedings are conducted exclusively in Ukrainian. Secondly, not all citizens of Ukraine are familiar with our legislation, especially procedural legislation, let alone foreigners.

In order for the principles of legal proceedings to be implemented in practice, and not limited to just a declaration, a foreigner cannot do without competent defense in court. Fortunately, the lawyers of the international law firm “Zigma” are true experts in their field, have extensive experience in judicial practice and are ready to take your side in any trouble.

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