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Several misconceptions about registration in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that, according to Ukrainian legislation, the concept of “registration” has not existed in our country for a long time, and it was replaced by registration, many still continue to use the same name. The point here is not only a matter of habit, but also the fact that in practice there were not so many differences between the first and second options. In addition, quite often people have a very vague idea of what capabilities registration in Ukraine actually has – some endow it with functions that it does not and cannot perform, while others, on the contrary, do not attach any importance to it at all. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. So, what does a registration stamp in a passport give to a resident of our country today and what are the most common misconceptions about registration in Ukraine?

Misconception number one: registration gives ownership rights.

Many people mistakenly believe that registration gives you the right to become the owner of the home in which you are registered, but this is not so. A stamp in your passport does not make you a “shareholder” who will be able to claim a certain share of this property. Registration in Ukraine gives you the right to live in an apartment and nothing more. As for the right of ownership, there are other documents for this, which are not corrected or revised when a new registered tenant appears in the apartment.

This leads to another conclusion. Only the owner of the apartment can make a decision to sell real estate. In other words, from a legal point of view, the owner, when concluding a sale transaction, has every right not to consult with any of those who live in the apartment.

Misconception two: registration is required for employment.

Some employers can actually justify their refusal by “wrong” registration. For example, you are applying for a job in the capital, but you do not have a residence permit in Kiev, therefore, the employer takes a certain risk when hiring you, because he allows you access to material assets in the office. However, there are simply no direct legal indications that the lack of registration in Kyiv will become an insurmountable obstacle when looking for work in the capital.

Misconception three: the lack of registration will not affect a citizen’s capabilities in any way.

There is no direct indication in the legislation that registration somehow affects a person’s availability of certain rights. At the same time, there are a number of circumstances that indirectly make having a residence permit an obvious advantage. For example, without registration in Kyiv, it will be quite difficult for you to use the services of the capital’s clinics, take out a loan from a bank, open your own business, or register your car. Thus, having a residence permit in Kyiv will greatly simplify your life in the capital.

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