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Obtaining a license for road construction

The legal company “Astrit” provides legal and consulting services for business entities in the field of licensing construction activities throughout Ukraine. Our services include registration and guaranteed receipt of a license for the construction and installation of various types of roads in Ukraine.

Various types of repair and installation operations regarding automobile and railway tracks and highways are subject to such licensing. If we consider the issue from a broader perspective, the objects of work, and, accordingly, licensing, are:

  • railway tracks for state, general and industrial purposes;
  • state and local highways, streets, roads, areas of settlements, on-farm and agricultural routes;
  • bridges on which construction of overpasses and crossings is planned.

Conditions for obtaining a license for road construction:

  1. the presence of structural departments throughout the enterprise;
  2. the presence of administrative premises that would meet building standards (for each specialist – 6 sq.m. of space);
  3. availability of computer equipment and specific software;
  4. availability of regulatory and technical documentation;
  5. the presence on staff (on a permanent basis) of relevant specialists with architectural and construction education and work experience.

This license, a license for road construction, gives you the right to perform a huge range of work in road construction of various classes of complexity and consequences throughout Ukraine.

The successful practice of our lawyers and consultants on licensing of various types of construction activities will allow us to take into account all your goals and objectives, and provide you with qualified and high-quality legal support in the process of licensing your business.

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