Migration law

Registration of foreigners in Ukraine.

The basis of the migration policy of each state is the control and registration of foreign citizens located in the country. Ukraine is no exception in this regard. Firstly, any foreign citizen arriving in our state is limited in time. He can be in Ukraine for either ninety days in a six-month period, or even less if he arrived from a state with which official Kyiv has established a visa regime. Secondly, the visitor must report the place of his intended stay. Initially, temporary registration of a foreigner in Ukraine occurs immediately upon entry – when filling out a migration card, he indicates his final destination and also names the receiving party.

Within the period of stay established by migration laws, additional registration of foreign citizens in Ukraine is not carried out. By and large, neither the Border Service nor the State Migration Service checks the accuracy of the information included in the migration card. The main thing for both departments is to ensure that the visitor leaves the country on time and take appropriate measures if this does not happen.

Registration of a foreigner (Ukraine) upon extension of stay.

Sometimes circumstances force a foreigner to stay in the country. In such cases, temporary registration of foreigners in Ukraine is provided, which is carried out by the State Migration Service. Of course, the reason for the delay must be valid. The following is considered sufficient grounds:

  • caring for the sick, illness or childbirth, applying for immigration permits or obtaining Ukrainian citizenship;
  • for those traveling around Ukraine on the basis of a transit visa – vehicle breakdown, natural disaster or serious health problems;
  • impossibility, for good reason, to obtain a permanent or temporary residence permit on time.

In all other situations, the extension of stay will most likely be refused.

Registration of foreigners in Kyiv: procedure and documents.

It all starts with submitting an application, which the foreigner draws up and takes to the nearest migration service office. This must be done no later than three days before the end of the legal period of stay, but no earlier than ten. Thus, the law allows a week to submit a notification. Migration legislation provides for two types of applications – for individuals and for legal entities.

If a foreigner is accepted by an individual, the following documents must be attached to the application:

  • foreigner’s passport and photocopies of pages containing personal information, as well as the passport document of the receiving party;
  • notarized translation of the pages mentioned in the previous paragraph;
  • a copy of a permanent or temporary residence permit (if you have one);
  • certificates capable of confirming the foreigner’s financial support during the expected period of delay (bank account statement, certificate of dependency, etc.);
  • a document confirming the availability of premises in which a foreigner can live;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • four photo cards of the established size.

If the receiving person is a legal entity, the following documents will be added to the above list:

  • extract from the Unified Register;
  • a copy of the order or instruction appointing a person responsible for carrying out registration of a foreign guest.

In both situations, documents confirming the need to stay in Ukraine are also presented.

Registration of foreign citizens in Kyiv, in accordance with the regulations, is carried out within three working days. However, if there is a need to carry out additional checks, this period can be extended to ten days or even two weeks – everything will depend on the position of the migration service officer.

Registration of foreigners (Kyiv): specialist assistance.

At first glance, registering a foreigner in Kyiv is a fairly simple procedure, but do not forget that without proper experience in the field of migration law, it is quite difficult to guarantee a positive outcome of the situation. Any minor defect is quite enough for the State Migration Service inspector to return the documents on completely legal grounds. Considering that only a week is

In turn, a professional lawyer will competently prepare the necessary documentation, provide advice on all issues relevant to the client, and also assess the foreigner’s real chances of extending his stay and offer possible solutions to the current situation.

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