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License for engineering work in Ukraine

Construction activity involves various types of work on planning, construction, deformation of architectural objects, and each type of operation requires a separate license. Engineering activities are no exception. And if you are planning to engage in a business that involves such work, laq firm “Zigma” will help you obtain the necessary permit throughout Ukraine.

Engineering activities are operations related to the provision of engineering and technical services, and more specifically, the preparation and effective support of production processes and sales of products for the maintenance and operation of industrial, infrastructure and other facilities.

In particular, engineering includes the following operations:

  • consulting services of a research, analytical and design nature;
  • preparation of justification for general construction projects;
  • development of financing programs;
  • production of design documentation;
  • assessment of the condition of utility networks;
  • technical control over the construction procedure.

Basic license terms.

To obtain a license for engineering work, you must follow a number of rules:

  • for personnel – mandatory full-time employment and at least 5 years of work experience;
  • presence of structural departments: estimate, planning and contractual, legal;
  • the presence of administrative premises, the area of which implies 6 sq.m. – for each specialist;
  • availability of necessary computer equipment;
  • availability of the necessary software;
  • Availability of regulatory and technical documentation (DBN).

As a rule, engineering companies provide full supervision of technical projects, starting from market research and the company’s operating conditions in a given region, and ending with verification of construction results.

Legal services for registration and obtaining licenses for engineering work in construction.

Type of licensed activity
     General developer in design (CERTIFICATION)
     Technical inspection of structures (certification)
General contractor in construction
     Technical supervision of construction
     Geodetic control of construction
     Construction project

This License will give you the right to perform a certain range of engineering work throughout Ukraine, depending on the list of works you have chosen according to the Codifier. And with the Zigma company, obtaining the necessary document will not be difficult. The successful practice of our lawyers and consultants on this issue will allow us to take into account all your goals and objectives, and provide you with a qualified and high-quality resolution of the difficulties that arise.

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