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Residence permit in the United States according to new rules

Donald Trump expressed support for the bill, which involves changing migration policy and tightening the conditions for issuing visas for employment – from now on a rating system will be used. We tried to understand the main nuances of the new migration legislation and find out how you can get the maximum number of points.

Residence permit in the United States according to new rules - gram-news.com.ua

The new program is similar to the one that has been practiced for a long time in Australia and Canada (the migration policies of these states are often praised by Donald Trump). In accordance with the updated system, all 140 thousand visas that foreigners are entitled to according to the annual quota will now be distributed among applicants based on the above-mentioned rating. A number of factors may influence your position in this ranking. For example, a foreigner has an academic degree, income level (ideally, it should be three times the average cost of living in the state), as well as proficiency in English. The minimum threshold for applying for a visa is 30 points. If a foreigner does not type them, his application will simply not be accepted.

So, what can influence the number of points?

First of all, age. People of working age are valued most in the United States: if you are between 26 and 30 years old, you will receive the most “points” – ten. At the same time, points for age will not be awarded to minors, as well as to foreigners over 50 years of age.

Education. Another factor that can affect your place in the ranking. The least points are given for basic higher education, and the most points are given for a doctoral or professional degree.

Language skills. Neither diplomas nor certificates of language courses will help in this matter. Points are awarded solely based on the results of profile testing. If you pass the test perfectly, you will receive 12 extra points. If less than 60 percent of correct answers are given in the test, no points will be awarded at all.

Investments. The share of points for investing is relatively small. If in other countries a financial investment of a certain amount gives the right to automatically obtain a residence permit, then in the USA the investor will receive only a maximum of 12 additional points.

In addition, the final place in the ranking may be influenced by the presence of Olympic medals and the Nobel Prize. Also, some rating concessions will be made to spouses of foreigners who have already received a visa.

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